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Benjamin Hill
James Burton
Pete Bottomley
Nathaniel-Jorden Apostol
Oliver John Farrell

White Paper Games is a small game development team based in Manchester, UK. We currently have a team of 7 with 2 freelances. We have a small studio in the heart of Manchester, UK and are currently working on our first title, Ether for PC and Mac.

Benjamin Hill
Creative Game Designer / Co-founder

Hey everyone! My name is Ben and I co-founded WPG with Pete back in September 2011 with the vision of creating an awesome and exciting game development team that makes engaging, fun and sometimes thought provoking games. I focus most of my time at WPG on narrative design, game play flow and the creative direction of our projects whilst having a hand in the day to day running of the studio with Pete.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts are where my passion for games began but it is in titles such as Shenmue, Shadow of Colossus, Myst and Flashback that my passion for digital storytelling was born. I also teach game design and design theory over at Futureworks: The Manchester School of Media and I love to talk about all things games, from the serious to the not so serious. So if you want to say hi, don’t be shy!

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Pete Bottomley
Game Designer / Co-founder

Hey! I’m Pete, I co-founded WPG with Ben and I design and implement most of the gameplay stuff for WPG with (a lot of) help from the guys around me! UDK is my only game engine of choice and I fuel it with copious amount of caffeine. Working in a small independent team has been great experience and I’ve learnt (still learning!) a heck of a lot. I first fell in love with DOOM at the age of 10 and haven’t looked back since.

Games such as Dishonored, Thief, Bioshock and the Uncharted series excite me the most but I look to books and film to inspire my design work. I have some previous experience at TT: Fusion on LEGO: Rockband as Camera Support and in the concepting stages of LEGO: TCW's as a level designer. I love talking Game Dev so drop me a line!

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James Burton
Technical Artist

My name is James Burton. I'm an environment artist living in the UK. I was born and raised in Madrid but decided to pursue a career in games design which is why I moved to the UK. I Recently graduated from UCLan where I did a BA (Hons) Games Design course and earned a First Class Degree. Having the chance to create worlds that are immersive and explore the capabilities of the games media through art and design has been amazing.

After graduation, I joined White Paper Games as an Environment Artist/Tech Artist and began work on our first title, Ether. So far it has been an incredible experience. Being able to create our own game has been really exciting and working with a team that is passionate, talented and open minded is truly inspiring. I'm excited to see what the future holds for our small studio.

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Oliver John Farrell
Environment Artist

Oliver (aka O.J.) achieved a first class honours degree in BA Games Design at the University of Central Lancashire and is currently studying to achieve his MA in Games Design at the same institution.
Oliver has deep passion for environment art and struggles to play games without inspecting every little detail in the game worlds. Still eager to learn as much as he can Oliver is striving to be a great environment artist within the gaming sector whilst also painting portraits in his spare time and watching football (or soccer for our American fans out there).  

He joined White Paper Games in 2012 and is now proudly the environment artist for White Paper Games launch title Ether.

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Nathaniel-Jorden Apostol
Sound Designer and Composer

Nathaniel a.k.a. NJ has been hooked on games ever since the likes of Paperboy, Mario and Duck Hunt. He has been a musician for over 20 years and is a composer of music for films and games. NJ's passion for music is only made stronger by the narrative depth, beauty and interaction of the game world.

NJ joined White Paper Games in 2012 and is the proud Audio Director working on their new up-and-coming title, ETHER.

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David Smith

David Smith started making games at the age of 10, having discovered the Games Factory. He began by making simple platforming games to learn the basics. This hobby of making games continued all the way up into recent years, where he got into development using more advanced tools such as the Unreal Engine.

After graduating from Staffordshire University with a First Class Honours Degree in BSc Computer Gameplay Design and Production, he started working on his own games, until WhitePaperGames decided to expand their team.

Now when he's not working at WhitePaperGames, he's tinkering with his own projects or attending Games Developer Gatherings.

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Recognised Additional Help
Dan Wolstenholme
Website Designer / App Developer

Dan Wolstenholme spent his youth playing around with snippets of code. With a past full of website design, his skills have been implemented to help further White Paper Games. He graduated from the Northern School of Design in 2010 with an Honours degree in Product Design. From there he went straight into a professional career as an Industrial Designer for a large plastics manufacturer in the North-West of the UK. Being influenced by everything around him, he strives to keep his creativity alive.

Dan has a keen interest in all things design, as well as an eye for detail, and a passion for technology. He also has a great dedication to the world of gaming, and will pick up a control pad whenever possible.

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