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Its Time for a White Paper Catch Up: Develop Conference and Ether

So as I am sure lots of you have noticed we have been pretty quiet on the blog and dev diary scene recently. This was primarily due to us all working very hard to get our teaser trailer released for Ether as well as our attendance at this years Develop Conference, where Ben was speaking in two different sessions.

First off Develop Conference was excellent as always with us meeting new people, catching up with old friends as well as talking a lot about White Paper Games and Ether. Lots of things were learnt from the carious sessions on during in the week and lots of fun was had during the various networking events – Ben was even on the team that came joint second at the Guardian Blog Quiz and Pete met the legendary Mark Rein (VP of Epic Games).

Ben giving his lecture at Develop Conference

Although Develop is always a large week on the White Paper Calendar it was even more important to us this year as on the Friday prior to the conference we released our teaser trailer for Ether our up and coming first person adventure game. As an Indie Developer we always hoped that we would get a small amount of interest in the teaser trailer, to spur us on with the development of the game as well as gain feedback on the the overall idea behind Ether.

A mysterious marker stone.

We can now say that we were pleasantly surprised with the trailer being picked up by multiple international publications and being watch over 13 thousand times in the past 2 weeks – and its still rising! Really all we can say is a big THANK YOU to all of our supporters and the great journalists who took time in writing articles about the game and its début. As a catch up I have listed some great quotes about Ether and its teaser trailer below with links to the relevant articles – some of them have pretty awesome titles!

A Fishing Hut


So that’s pretty much it from us at the moment, keep your eyes peeled for a whole new approach to our development diaries that we are working on as well as an upcoming post about the lecture that Ben gave at this years Develop that he is making available to everyone via his blog.

Ether Press Quotes and Links

“Ether definitely seems odd in the best of possible ways.” – Indiegames.com

“From what they’ve shown us so far, the art style of Ether is just gorgeous” – Destructoid

“I’m keen to have my faith in first-person adventuring restored and what better game to do it than one starring a person known as a ‘restorer’?” – Rock Paper Shotgun

“Every once in a while a game comes along that hits you with a vivid art style and intriguing design at a hundred miles per hour.” – The Indie Game Magazine

“If you’re looking for something different to play, I may have found the game for you!” – Gamebreaker.TV

That’s it from us folks, if you have not yet seen the trailer any one of the links above will show it but you can also get info straight from us at www.ether-game.com ! Speak to you all soon!

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Early Environmental Teaser Shots

Quick post to follow up the first screen shots of Ether that we presented to you the other day. These are shots from an early part of one of our environments showing a dark and spooky harbour town based upon Cornish history and culture. We have lots and lots of work to do over the next coming months and hopefully we will soon be able to share more of Ether with you and the world.

Screen 01

A lonely board walk

Silence all around

What was beyond the darkness?

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