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It’s been a week since we released Ether One, can you believe it? This past week has been crazy for us but it’s been so great to see everyone’s positive experiences & reactions to our game. Thank you all so much for investing time into a game that is relatively unknown. It’s so rewarding to see people playing the game along with all the great reviews we’ve received.

If you wanted to see what people have been saying about the game follow the link below. We’ve created a list of all the reviews we’ve received so far so that they’re all in one place! We’ve also added the audio interviews we’ve done here:

Ether One Reviews / First Impressions



We had the privilege of attending the EGX Rezzed event this weekend and had a great time! The image above is from the event – It was very cool to have a big display of Ether One at the show. We were going to try and take the display home but sadly it wouldn’t fit in our cars! :( It always good to go to these types of events because it means we can actually get out of the studio and chat to you all about our game! You can tend to lose focus of the overall picture when sat in front of a PC in the studio all day so Rezzed was really good to catch up with everyone. We also met some really great developers there! We made such good friends at the show and we created a list yesterday of some of our favorite games at the show so be sure to check the link below:

Friends & Games from EGX Rezzed 2014

Rezzed is a really good event for anyone wanting to showcase their games. It’s such a friendly atmosphere, the staff running the show are super helpful and it’s an overall good experience so I would recommend it to anyone! Developers & gamers alike!

We got some great feedback on Ether One & it also taught us how to explain our game in elevator pitch form which is always helpful! We also had a few interesting meetings at Rezzed which leads me on to the next point..



We found out at the weekend that we could say that we’re Official Sony developers! Such awesome news for us. We’ve been chatting with Sony for a while now & they’ve always provided support and saw the potential for a game like Ether One so we want to thank them for sticking with us throughout the development.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be looking into getting Ether One onto the Playstation consoles (not sure which yet). It doesn’t mean that anything is confirmed yet though. We still have a few details to work out regarding how affordable it will be for us and whether we’ll be able to get it onto the console ourselves or whether we’ll need a bit of external help. We will be sure to keep you all updated with progress on how the console plans develop but we’re really excited to be working with Sony on Ether One. Sony have been so accommodating & understand that we want to stay independent and have control over our game. They have a great team in place to help small independent studios like ours so hopefully you’ll be seeing Ether One on the Playstation very soon!



I’m not sure how it happened but The Gadget Show Live thought our game was good enough to showcase there! It honestly looks like such a fun event and we’ve never been before so we’re really excited to head down there and show Ether One. If any of you are around the Birmingham NEC between the 9th-13th April be sure to stop by and say hi! We’re surrounded by some very cool looking indie games so it should be great to showcase Ether One there.


We’ve just released an update for a few bug fixes this week as well as some more Oculus Rift code. You can find a list of the bug fixes here:

Patch Info: http://steamcommunity.com/app/265950/discussions/1/540738051168430126/

If you downloaded the game through Steam then it should automatically update for you. We apologise about the 300mb download, it was due to use adding some options on the menu which is part of flash and so the package size for those files is quite big! We’ll also work on getting the installers live this week if you downloaded it DRM-Free from other platforms. It’s been great to get the game out to so many people because it means we have a bigger pool of gamers to get feedback from. This is especially the case with Oculus Rift integration since we only had 1 headset and now we’ve got feedback from 100’s! We’ve been collecting feedback all week and implementing what were the most common requests. There’s still a lot more we can do though so if people did have any feedback regarding anything to do with that feel free to contact us at support (at) whitepapergames (dot) com.


I think that’s all for now. Remember that Ether One is OUT NOW through Steam, GOG, Humble & Gamers Gate. We’ll announce more events as we confirm them but we’re going to try and get Ether One out to as many shows as we can, funds permitting!

Thank you all so much for your support over launch. Whether it’s watching people play Ether One on Youtube, reading reviews or chatting to people on the forums it’s really been awesome to see everyone enjoying our game (minus a few small bugs 😉 ). Hopefully over these next few weeks Ether One will continue to gain momentum.


– WPG Team