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We had such a fun time at Rezzed this year that we wanted to share with you all some of the games we had fun playing. Some are hidden gems and others you will have heard of. Regardless of the size, these games need your attention!



The guys from Dlala are absolutely great & super friendly. They have a very addictive co-op game that’s coming out this year so be sure to check their site and follow them on Twitter. They’re going to be at the Update show next weekend in Manchester too so anyone in the area be sure to stop by and play their games with your friends! Overruled created a lot of hype at Rezzed over the weekend and everyone came away smiling from their experience so you have no excuse not to give it a go!

Website: http://dlalastudios.com/games/overruled/

Twitter: @dlalastudios




Dream has been in development along side Ether One. We’re both first person games in the Unreal engine. Both teams trying to tell an interesting story with unique worlds and lots interesting puzzles! If you’re a fan of Ether One be sure to pick up this game now on Steam early access! They’re great guys working really hard on their first game!

Website: http://store.steampowered.com/app/229580/

Twitter: @hyperslothgames



Containment Protocol

I was really excited to get my hands on Containment Protocol at Rezzed and it didn’t fail to disappoint. This game has a great way of building tension through the game design whilst asking the player to stay relaxed when things start to go wrong. If you react in the wrong way then it’s game over. It has a really good control system and Byron, the designer working on CP, was really great to chat to about games! It’s still in development so be sure to follow to keep up to date!

Website: http://www.xiotex-studios.com/

Twitter: @xiotex



We already knew Joe Grainger before we went to Rezzed – I didn’t want to play the game when he was around though. I thought it would somehow detract from the experience if he was watching me play. So I sneaked off to play Biome without anyone noticing. I soon found myself completely lost in the game. There is a strange tranquility to be found from this game and watching the world change around you from a simple button click creates something you rarely find in games. There is a sense of great creation at the point of destruction. It’s an interesting concept & if you can get your hands on a build of this game I would highly recommend it!

Website: http://www.joegrainger.com/

Twitter: @Joegrainger



Alien Isolation

Needless to say – Alien took Rezzed by storm. Long queues, a lot of scares and a great development team! The guys from the Creative Assembly were great with everyone there and they also managed to stop by the smaller indie games whenever they weren’t busy. You got a sense that they just wanted to make the game as good as it could be as they were constantly asking people for feedback on the experience. The Lead Designer Gary Napper also mentioned how much of a massive fan he was of our friends at Lunar Software’s upcoming title Routine so they’re clearly on the right track!

Website: http://www.alienisolation.com/

Twitter: @xopsx


There were so many more great games at Rezzed this year. We’ve had fun both years that we’ve been there so we’re really excited for what next year has to offer!

Be sure to check out the titles listed above and chat to the developers involved. All of them come across as really passionate, excited people just wanting to make awesome games!


Until next year!

Posted on by Pete Bottomley