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Ether One at Rezzed

Ether One at Rezzed

Well!! Rezzed is over and what a crazy weekend it was! We had so much fun showcasing Ether One for the first time and thank you all for being so supportive and dropping by to check out our game! Especially those of you who waited in line for 2.5hrs to check out the Rift integration!!

We met some awesome developers with some great games! It was a true privilege to be selected to showcase among them. The guys (and now friends) from That Dragon, Cancer, Luminesca, Gone Home and Montague’s Mount were all super nice and it was awesome seeing our friends from Nyamyam (Tengami) and Greenly Studios (Quick Draw, Glow Tag etc) doing so well showcasing their games at the show also. A huge thank you needs to go to our friends that travelled all the way to Birmingham just to check out Ether One! You guys really made the show personal and it was so nice to see all of your faces! And Lastly thank you to everyone involved with the Rezzed Game Show and especially David Hayward for being so awesome and helpful. It was the first event we had ever done as a studio and you made us feel really welcome!
Whilst we were at Rezzed the WPG got to spend the downtime hours hanging with Pete, Jemma and Aaron from Lunar Software. They’re close developer friends of ours and it was great to catch up with them and check out what stuff they’re working on with Routine (which is truly EPIC by the way).


Over the next week or so we’re going to do a couple of big updates showing how we went about designing the demo to showcase at Rezzed and also a little more about what goes on at the WPG studio from day to do. We’ll also be posting some videos from Rezzed and some in-game footage and screenshots from the Ether One dem

o for those of you who weren’t able to come down to the show to play it! We had a really warm reception for the demo so hopefully you’ll all enjoy seeing it! We’ll try to get the first one up this week for you to check out.


Now that the big milestone of getting a playable demo of Ether is done, we’ve now got to work on finishing the game!! Lots of heavy lifting will be done overhauling a full art pass and from gaining tons of valuable feedback for the gameplay from the show, we’ll work on tweaking and re-pacing the game so that we can make a game that we’re all proud of.

Thank you all truly once again. This weekend was so much fun for us! When you spend all day everyday in the studio working on everything that is wrong with the game it’s hard to see the bigger picture. Being at Rezzed this weekend showed how supportive you all of Ether One and that we might actually be on to making a decent game! We’ll do our hardest not to disappoint for the finished product! Look out for an update soon!

– All the WPG team.